National Handloom Day

National Handloom : pic from Social Media 

National Handloom Day has been celebrated on August 7 every year since 2015 to commemorate the Swadeshi Andolan that began in 1905 on this very day. The first National Handloom Day was marked by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Chennai. In the Mann Ki Baat episode aired on July 25, PM Modi talked about the importance of handlooms and extending support to artisans and weavers to boost the industry, specifically the production of khadi by the Bhunkar community and its consumption. "Please buy handloom products from rural areas," the Prime Minister urged his listeners.

Why is National Handloom Day celebrated: 

National Handloom Day is celebrated to mark the beginning of Swadeshi Andolan on August 7, 1905. This movement encouraged Indians to wear clothes woven by indigenous communities by their hands and to denounce foreign-made apparel.

“On this day, we honour our handloom-weaving community and highlight the contribution of this sector in the socio-economic development of our country. We reaffirm our resolve to protect our handloom heritage and to empower the handloom weavers and workers financially and instil pride in their exquisite craftsmanship,” the government said in a statement.


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