Global Tiger Day is celebrated every year on July 29th as a way to raise awareness about this magnificent but endangered big cat. The day was founded in 2010, when the 13 tiger range countries came together to create Tx2 – the global goal to double the number of wild tigers by the year 2022. 

2016 marks the halfway point of this ambitious goal and this year has been one of the most united and exciting Global Tiger Days yet. WWF offices, organisations, celebrities, government officials, families, friends and individuals around the world came together in support of the #ThumbsUpForTigers campaign – showing the tiger range countries that there is worldwide support for tiger conservation efforts and the Tx2 goal.


India is home to over half of the world’s wild tigers – an estimated 2,226. Global Tiger Day was observed across all WWF tiger landscapes with much fervor and enthusiasm. The teams organized week-long celebrations to build awareness on tiger conservation and develop a stronger bond between wildlife and people. Thousands of local communities and young minds were encouraged to take up conservation issues and spare a thought for the ‘tiger’.

A total of almost 4,000 individuals, comprising people from all age groups, were reached out to during this year’s celebrations across Satpuda Maikal, Sundarbans, Terai Arc, Western Ghats Nilgiris and Western India Tiger Landscapes. The Thumbs Up For Tigers campaign was organised across all locations where showed their support and commitment for doubling the number of wild tigers.


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